VMV Steelwork Systems 

AS/RS Storage Solutions



Our young company with a small-specialized team is supplying steelwork storage solutions for automated storage and retrieval systems. Regardless of whether you are storing car parts, apparel or groceries our experienced professionals will design the perfect storage solution to fit your warehouse or distribution center. 

What sets us apart?


  • We have a highly specialized team, which can offer tailored storage solutions from the first designs all the way to the handover of a completely installed steelwork system.


  • Our team gathered a lot of know-how working in the organization of a major AS/RS supplier. We know exactly wat is expected from a steelwork supplier to create a perfect interface between the steelwork and the automated storage and retrieval systems.


  • Operating independently. We are able to design and source the steelwork components to fit the projects perfectly. Making the most out of every m².