VMV Steelwork Systems 

AS/RS Storage Solutions



We are a young company based out of Bad Hall Upper Austria. Our team has a lot of experience in building steel racking systems for the worldwide AS/RS market. Having worked for many years as lead engineering and project management at a major AS/RS systems supplier.


We are able to provide high quality racking systems with an all in package from the development of the project all the way to the installation. Our particular strength lies in Steelwork racking for shuttle systems and steelwork racking with special features (like conveyor systems on top of racks, conveyor systems going through the rack, traffic and conveyor areas underneath the rack) which usually need extra attention in the engineering and installation phase.


Due to our experience working in the organization of a leading AS/RS company we know exactly what is expected from a steelwork supplier to make a perfect interface between the steelwork racking and the automated storage and retrieval systems.